Wednesday, February 25, 2009

SeeSaw from cbcoombs on Vimeo.

this is gnarly.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This is a cool video that was posted on
check it out..Jeremy Fish is an awesome artist



This was a mural painted by Stefan Knapp which was painted on the side of Alexander's Department Store, in Paramus, NJ.  At 200' wide x 50' tall...this was the largest mural in 1960.  I can remember looking at this mural from the back of my mother's station wagon as a kid.  Too bad it's history now...

Friday, February 6, 2009

skate or die

I'm trying out something new as far as skateboard art goes...I have been painting characters on them, and then with the use of a band saw, cut out the images to give them some flavor...
here are a few skateboards i made recently!

new "tings"

I have been busy in my 
studio, recently spending some time pouring plaster all over the place, and finding things to stick in it.  I like the way things are going with this projects, hopefully something will come of it in the near future...

welcome home!!

This piece basically refelcts upon the casualties of war.  I think it is terrible how young soldiers go off to war, and often return to a less favorable lifestyle.  Although this piece may be graphic, it is an all too familiar reality...

3 dimensional panting

This is a portrait of Bob Dylan that I worked on last semester t school.  I was really trying for a 
multi-dimensional painting this time around.  For the background, I used an image transfer technique that I found on the web using gel medium, and Laser-print photos.  I'm still gettng used to the process, but I have to say that I am fairly pleased with the result.  After I had the background down, I painted in the figure.  Finally I added the guitar strings, and the hands.  I would still like to work on this piece a little more....

more cool stuff

just a few portraits that I have been working on....



the artist at work!

My studio is finally up and running (all thanks to my sister who recently moved out!) But anyway, I am out of the crammed basement, and have some room to move around a bit.  I feel that my work increased since the move into my studio....and I hope that will continue throughout 2009. 


I  have been putting off the blog far too long.  I recently finished up with school, and am trying to find myself a teaching gig.  As for now, I hope to keep up with my artwork.  Here are a few new photos...